great steallife Catalogue of Photos. The Photo gallery of Pskovian Photo Artist Sergey Afanasiev.The Photo gallery of Pskovian Photo Artist by Sergey Afanasiev. Rambler's Top100 Themes of creativity of photo work: landscape, architecture, still life (calm world), vanguard.

The photos gallery of Pskovian photo artist themes creativity art work landscape architecture still life calm world vanguard catalogue picture pictures autobiography Afanasiev Sergey pskov travel agency company exhibitions exhibitionHe had too short Life on this planet.
But he left for all people several thousands of his photos  ... there are some of his photos on the web-site:  ..Catalogue of Photos. The Photo gallery of Pskovian Photo Artist Sergey Afanasiev..
A mixture of real and fantastic elements characterizes the photos by Sergey Afanasiev.

He loved nature very much, city and country scenes, abstract art. Sergey's artistry has allowed to create picturesque landscapes in foggy dull dark days.  His favorite colors are black and white. 
Sergey Afanasiev was early capable of fixing in his works the intricate evolution in the inner life of live matter.

Harmony of the heart and reason makes itself felt in the still lifes of Sergey. Here you will see his artistry in creating of Photos.

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